Strategic Business Planning


Align Your Business, Focus Your Team, Achieve Your Objectives

Forward-thinking companies understand the value of strategic business planning. Setting goals without a plan to achieve them is just wishful thinking.

A strategic plan will help you transition from a short-term mindset to a successful future, navigating the way ahead with targeted strategies, tactics and the appropriate resources. It will also help you to remain agile and stay ahead of your competition, enhancing your profitability by focusing on delivering value and satisfaction to the right customers in the right markets.

Contact me for expert help to design and execute a custom-built Strategic Plan that will help you achieve your business objectives.

To set targets and then reach them, you need to plot and execute a plan. Its your Roadmap. It is how you will navigate the best route to your business objectives.

Strategic planning from a business consultant

A Strategic Plan will focus your team, it will enable you to relentlessly drive your business forward concentrating on core strengths, selling into the best markets, getting the best from your resources and maintaining your customer focus.

If you’ve created a Strategic Plan that’s great, but are you ‘living it’?

It should become part of your company’s culture. Don’t fall into the common trap of failing to communicate your plan effectively to your team, or just leaving it on the shelf to gather dust.

That’s the same as having no plan at all. Talk to me about how you can implement an effective communications plan.

Strategic Planning doesn’t have to be painful or overly time-consuming. We will help you develop and execute a plan that’s designed uniquely for your business.


The typical Strategic Planning scope starts with a review or your business and includes:


  • Core Competencies Assessment
  • Defining Your Differentiating Value Proposition
  • Customer Feedback and Value Analysis
  • Developing Mission and Vision
  • Market Opportunities Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Mapping Objectives and Targets
  • Organisation and Resource Planning
  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Planning Development
  • Strategy Implementation with the Balanced Scorecard

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