Get Great Results from Marketing

Marketing That Finds, Converts and Retains Your Customers

Is your company just dabbling with social media marketing? Are you ready to dive deeper into online marketing but not sure how to go about it or how to develop an integrated marketing strategy that also gets more out of traditional marketing techniques?

Let me show you how to build a marketing strategy that will get real results in acquiring, converting and retaining customers.

Are you happy with the value you are getting from your Marketing activities?

Businesses are usually looking to save money, and some see their marketing budget as just a cost that’s there to be cut back. Unfortunately, this is a sure sign that your marketing is not delivering value, which can not only jeopardise future growth but also risks eroding your current loyal customer base.

It used to be said that ‘marketing owns the message and sales owns the relationship’. However, the power of the internet and the rise of digital marketing has blurred that distinction. Effective marketing is therefore crucial to support your business growth.

Marketing can be creative and grab your customer’s attention without burning a hole in your finances, but your strategy has to be optimised to deliver full value, these are some of the ways that can be achieved:

Marketing plan from a Business Consultant

Marketing spend is weighted towards the key priorities in your business strategy


Your Social Media strategy is tied to business objectives, and focused on quality of posts/ads rather than quantity



Your website communicates your unique value proposition as well as your market focus and customer benefits



You leverage the expertise of your sales and technical teams in your marketing activities



You carefully plan participation at events to maximise the results from customer interactions



You use customers testimonials or case studies with proof points



Your public relations initiatives are a significant portion of your marketing activities



You constantly try to measure the value of your marketing activities to direct your resources efficiently


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