International Business Development

Expanding Your Business Horizons

Are you ready to take your business international?

Selling into new territories has many benefits, the prospect of opening up exciting growth opportunities can seem too good to refuse as it can also reduce your reliance on current markets. However, it also carries with it numerous risks that need to be managed.

Thorough research and planning is essential. Developing a market entry strategy will ensure your existing customers are not impacted and it will help mitigate risk from your new business ventures.

I have over 20 years experience in International Business Development, please contact me to find out how I can help ensure your business growth is successful.

The ease with which we can travel and communicate has fuelled globalisation and transformed the potential of any company to do business in any country worldwide.

Promoting and selling your goods or services overseas can be an exciting and motivating adventure. Unfortunately, managing the associated risks is not a thrilling prospect at all, but it is absolutely necessary to safeguard your business.

Political, economic, social, technology, legal, environmental and ethical risks are some of the considerations that may be relevant for your business and your target opportunities.

Developing a thorough Market Entry Strategy will ensure you take a carefully considered approach to mitigating the risks, and will cover the following points:


  • Market identification and research
  • Business planning
  • Risk mapping
  • Safeguarding intellectual property
  • Partnering and licensing
  • Defining marketing mix
  • Go to market strategies
  • Manage your brand
  • Sales planning
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Pricing strategies
  • Payment terms
  • Operational support

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