About Me

I write about B2B strategies, tactics and tips that drive sustainable, profitable revenue growth.
I believe that hard work achieves results, and I get more done by utilizing best practices that allow me to use my time efficiently. This is what I think of as working smarter. I am constantly curious to learn from the success stories of colleagues and peers, and sharing my own experience is the goal of my blog.
I have held roles in Operations, Marketing, Business Development and Project Management with blue-chip multinational companies as well as small start-up organizations. I have extensive experience building and leading teams in the implementation of effective strategies that substantially increase revenue while improving market share and sales effectiveness.
I have lived on 4 continents and worked in most regions of the world thanks to my 25+ year career in the oil and gas industry. I believe to thrive in this business you have to be passionate about what you do, you have to continuously challenge yourself and always be ready to embrace change.
For a more detailed bio, please see my LinkedIn profile below and feel free to connect with me!